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Welcome to UK practice

Essential ethical guidance for doctors new to the UK

Book your place below

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Book your place

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All of our upcoming workshops are listed below. Choose your preferred date and click the book a place button to begin.

We're always adding new dates so if you can't find one that suits you, please check back regularly. 


Please note: We are trialling a leaflet campaign to encourage PLAB2 candidates to book onto Welcome to UK Practice.

To measure the effectiveness of this campaign, we will use your GMC Number to check whether you were included in one of the PLAB2 groups who received a leaflet. We are using your GMC number in this way based on our legitimate interest in measuring the campaign’s effectiveness.  


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Where do the workshops take place?

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Workshops are held at our offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast (unless otherwise specified). 

 For more details on how to find us, please click here to visit this web page.

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What to expect on the day

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The interactive nature of our workshops give you the opportunity to ask lots of questions and network with fellow doctors.

 You can see a brief overview of what the workshop covers below.

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Registration and refreshments
Who are the GMC and how can we support you
An introduction to our guidance and learning resources
'Hello my name is...' icebreaker
What makes a good doctor?
Things I wish I'd known. Doctors share their experience of starting out in UK practice
Sponsor presentation
Break and networking
Ethical scenarios. What would you do? How can our guidance help you
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What do doctors think of the workshop?
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I liked getting information first hand because I had never worked in the UK as a doctor before.Watching videos of other doctors' experiences was really helpful, as was getting to meet other people in a similar situation, and the materials I got to take home. Everything was good from beginning to end.

Dr Crystal Ozoka

Senior House Officer from Nigeria 

I felt a difference in my confidence level with patients before and after I attended the workshop.

Dr Abhishek Ray

Senior House Officer from India 

The workshop taught me how to tackle ethical and social situations that are different in the UK, and destigmatised asking for help if I need it.

Dr Mariam Mourad

Paediatric Registrar from Egypt 

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Companies that sponsor us
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Welcome to the UK. Barclays Bank UK PLC is here to help you with your new life in the UK. We can support you with the account opening process, provide you all the information about international payments, banking on the go and much more. Please contact your Barclays Bank UK PLC representative Christine Skippins on 0777 554 8901 (mobile) or by email at newtotheUK@barclays.com to discuss with her your personal banking needs. (Available to residents of the UK only).

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Get in touch

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If you have any questions we'd love to hear from you.

Send us an email welcomeuk@gmc-uk.org